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Can be used for any bank around the world. Keep tracks of the cheques you issue, manage any cheque refund or manage lost cheque leaves.

EZ Cheque Writer Features

  • Import Client DB in Excel format
  • Automatically fill in cheques
  • Appropriate information e.g. Date, Cheque Number etc
  • Print cheques
  • Pixel perfect prints
  • Archive cheques based on issue date, recipient and Status
  • Can be integrated with Invoice System

User Friendly Layout

A user friendly software layout that makes the information to be filled out obvious to the software operator and provides intuitive functionality preventing operation errors.

Input Information

  • Date (autofill or input if needed)
  • Pay to ( to be input by user)
  • Amount in numbers (user input)
  • Amount in words (auto generated)
  • Cheque number ( auto increment or user input)

Single or Batch Issue

The software can allow printing of multiple cheques if required and all batched and archived.

Comprehensive Report Generation

The software will allow comprehensive and itemized reports to be printed. The reports can be lists of all cheques issued over time based on date of issue or based on the recipient of the cheques. The software will allow for printing of generated reports for further usage.

Technology Used

  • IDE & Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, SQL Server 2008 Management Studio, Microsoft Visio 2007, Crystal Reports
  • Language: Visual C#.NET, ASP.NET 
  • Database: MS SQL SERVER 2008, MySql
  • Architectural Design Language: UML
  • Scripting Language: JavaScript, Jquery
  • Others: MS Enterprise Library Data Access Block

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